The Joy of NFTs — Afif Kusuma

Picture ten-year-old you. You’re sat on your bedroom carpet sorting your collection of Pokémon cards. You hold up your 1st edition holographic Charizard with pride, not knowing it’d sell for over $220K years later. *Poof!* it disappears. Nintendo discontinued the Pokémon franchise.

Thankfully that’s not possible because the ownership of that card was yours. That…and physics, but you get the point.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) transform that physical ownership to digital.


NFTs exist on a blockchain, enabling them to be used, transferred, traded, bought and sold. It gives owners some real power.

Owning a game’s NFT puts you in a very…

NFTs may not be the new kid on the block, but that doesn’t stop them from rocking harder than ever. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) grew 4x over their 2019 volume in 2020, reaching a crowd-surf worthy $250M. 2021 is already set to drop the mic on its predecessor.

If you’re still unsure what a non-fungible token is then you should start by checking out our What are NFTs article and learning the difference between Fungible and Non-Fungible.

Ethereum‘s opening act.

Thank the stars for Ether. When you think of anything NFT, you probably think in terms of $ value or Ξ (ETH).

*stabs vampire through heart*

No, not that kind of staking ⚰ we’re talking about the kind where you get to support amazing projects and earn money.

Staking is simple. Staking is easy. Staking is rewarding.

Let’s break it down…

What does staking mean?

Staking is taking money you already have and putting it into an account to earn more from it. Plain and simple, that’s why a majority of people care about it. Think of it as an interest-earning account in your bank.

Bank: “Your money is in your checking account currently and earns nothing extra (plus you’re spending it!).

Would you like to…

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

Blockchain began with fungible tokens, but its evolution brought the non-fungibles. So what sets non-fungible tokens (NFTs) apart from their fungible step-brothers? How are they used by people all around the world? How are both obtained? Let’s define them both and then we’ll dive right in…

Fungible Tokens

Merriam-Webster describes fungible as ‘being something (such as money or a commodity) of such a nature that one part or quantity may be replaced by another equal part.’

When you go to McDonalds and order a McChicken (add pickles!) they will ask you for $1.00. You extend any $1 bill you have to the…

Voting for ICON Forge earns you ICX and helps ICON Forge grow as well!

Your staked (voted) ICX can help us gain momentum, exposure, and…funding! Each month the ICON blockchain offers a monthly reward based on our votes. This means we can pour more into our production and bring even greater value to our game and development.

The monthly reward works both ways! You also get rewarded when you stake your ICX! Thanks to ICON’s decentralized nature, staking your coins means we get some fluff and you get some fluff. Everyone gets some fluff! It’s one of the many reasons We Love ICON.

Voting is simple

And to make it even simpler, we’ve created this quick How To video for you!

Thanks for voting ICON Forge!

It’s really a piece of cake.

We’re no longer living in 2009. The blockchain industry has never been more accessible or robust! The move to digital currency, digital payments, digital assets, and digital…everything happened in 2020.

2021 is set to be even bigger as Decentralised Finance (aka DeFi) has grown from a boastful $13 billion in December to a whopping $23 billion on January 10th.

Need to know some more about non-fungible tokens? Check out our guide.

If you’re ready to get in on the action, you only need 3 Simple Things:

A Wallet

Not a trifold, leather wallet. Not a purse…

It’s taken over 11 years for people to become comfortable with the Bitcoin conversation. Even today, the “can you easily explain this to me?” question is still largely unanswered and renders a divide between crypto-enthusiasts and…well…everyone else.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are not cryptocurrency; they are a one-of-a-kind asset owned by one individual.

While NFTs are relatively simple instruments, it’s their unique technology that continues to open a myriad of doors in art, gaming, tech, and other digital and physical spaces — even real estate and people! But what drives their intrinsic value?

Let’s say you love unicorns. Maybe so much…

ICON Forge

ICON Public Representative | Creating ICON-based digital collectable game @ProjectNebula_ and developing infrastructure related to non-fungible tokens

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