Voting for ICON Forge earns you ICX and helps ICON Forge grow as well!

Your staked (voted) ICX can help us gain momentum, exposure, and…funding! Each month the ICON blockchain offers a monthly reward based on our votes. This means we can pour more into our production and bring even greater value to our game and development.

The monthly reward works both ways! You also get rewarded when you stake your ICX! Thanks to ICON’s decentralized nature, staking your coins means we get some fluff and you get some fluff. Everyone gets some fluff! It’s one of the many reasons We Love ICON.

Voting is simple

And to make it even simpler, we’ve created this quick How To video for you!

Thanks for voting ICON Forge!



ICON Forge

ICON Public Representative | Creating ICON-based digital collectable game @ProjectNebula_ and developing infrastructure related to non-fungible tokens